3 Reasons Wigs Should Be Your Next Secret Style Weapon

Are you one of those people who just can’t commit to a hairstyle? You bit the bullet and got that angled bob with lowlights but now you’re desperate to try something else? Maybe you want to experiment with something like pastel ombre, but, well, not on your own hair.

If you’re a serial style connoisseur, you might want to think about adding some human hair wigs to your arsenal. Why? In a nutshell, today’s designer wigs are glossy, luxurious and can be swapped out in minutes. Let’s get into a bit more detail about why these are a great way to up your game

1. Our Luxe Human Hair Wigs are basically like your own hair, but better!

When worn correctly, nobody needs to know your wearing a wig.

Almost anything you can do with your real hair, you can do with a wig. Unlike synthetic units, however, you can style them using heat-based tools, or colour them. Synthetic fibres don’t take colour well and using a high heat tool on them will cause them to melt. With human hair wigs, you’re free to experiment with hot rollers, balayage, or to try a Kendall Jenner-inspired updo, all without changing or damaging your own hair.

2. They’re easier to switch up than extensions


Our wig are made, with the ease of wear in mind.

Unless you’re using clip-in extensions, swapping those babies out can be a time consuming event that requires sitting in your stylist’s chair for up to an hour. Kind of a pain if you just want a different look for one night, right? With designer human hair wigs, it takes just minutes to go from a sleek brunette (like our Cashmere Princess Caroline) look to a platinum bombshell with retro-inspired waves. Our lace-front and full lace wigs are super easy to take on and off, and they stay secure and natural-looking, even as you dance the night away.

3. Your favourite influencer? She’s probably wearing one too.

Those lovely locks are.. (you guessed it) A WIG!

We’ve all seen those social influencers who somehow manage to have thick cascades of wavy hair in all their Instagram shots, with just the perfect amount of beachy highlights. Major #hairgoals, right? We’ll tell you a secret: it’s not a coincidence! Tons of style icons and social influencers wear wigs too, because they know it’s a great way to add that little something extra while looking completely natural. Our Cashmere Diamond Essence would look great in a #poolside snap, don’t you think?

Modern designer wigs are definitely not your grandma’s hairpiece. They’re stylish, sexy and a surprisingly practical way to add a little glam to your everyday look. Browse our  Luxe Designer Wigs collection to find your perfect style, for work, play and everything in between.


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  1. Akos says:

    Yess! I love how wigs are becoming so popular!


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